Welcome to College Labor Force!

CollegeLaborForce.com is a service that connects individuals and businesses to local college students who are seeking employment.
Whether the job is raking leaves or programming industrial equipment, CLF has a network of students yearning to work.

Why Use College Labor Force?

Our students are eager to work, make professional relationships, and of course, make a bit of money. It is a mutually beneficial relationship, as you get what you need done and our students gain valuable experience.

Classified ads take time, and can cost money. College Labor Force is fast, fun and easy.

You can be certain that competent and hard working labor will come your way. Our students will respect your authority, and work hard until the job is complete.

Our Solution

All of the potential workers of College Labor Force are enrolled students who are actively bettering themselves through education and work experience.
Posting on College Labor Force is absolutely free, once you subscribe. An annual rate of $20 will give you unlimited use of College Labor Force. Of course you are responsible for paying for the work you have done, but to you can use CLF unlimited times.
Your time is valuable, and our system makes the most of it. With minimal effort you can get the help you need to accomplish the task your facing.
College Labor Force students decide which jobs they want to tackle.